My Homing Pigeon Blog


bird Doc1bird Doc1I will send this blog out without a thread, like a homing pigeon, and keep my fingers crossed.

I had a bit of trouble setting up word press, after the initial downloading, when prompted it just kept spinning and spinning. Finally I replied to classmate Bonnie’s blog and mistakenly inserted a Clip Art image from another class. When I finally located the photo of choice, I downloaded it but couldn’t crop it.

Here is my first link

I do not understand what a “web host “is, in fact I may have managed to bypass that step.

Is the wordpass concept a website or a blogsite? Where did my blog go where was it posted???? Where do I read other blogs not linked to mine? After searching under my topic of interest “retiring abroad”, I was not at all impressed with the content on Word press. It seems to be mostly advertisements, not real people.!/read/following/  My blog is threaded to Bonnies…Is it also floating out there somewhere in cyberspace?

My newest favorite thing to do is follow Expatexchange… I do understand this website/blogsite.

. Someday I would like to move abroad and this keeps my eye on the prize.


Myrtle Beach


My Blog Introduction

I am a former airline worker whose wings have been clipped.

My name is Carolyn. I lived 45 years in the New York metropolitan area, and worked in the airline industry for 20years.

Today I live in Pennsylvania; making my debut into the’ High Tech 21st Century.

I came upon this website while doing an assignment for a class in Emerging Web Technology.

As a newcomer to the blogosphere, Expat Exchange was like finding a diamond in the rough.

I have traveled the world extensively, though today I must resort to armchair jet setting.

Reading about the many aspects involved in “Expatriotizing” has become my new hobby.

I am utterly deprived of culture, and miss the cosmopolitan life, but thanks to this exchange I can keep my eye on the prize.

Sandy Toes


I love to travel…

Myrtle Beach sounds so lovely. I just found out that Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Trees shared the same Myrtle. I could never understand why a parent could name a baby girl Myrtle. I realize now that it is probably because of the beautiful Myrtle tree. Perhaps it sounds pretty in another language….